First Meeting, Win a t-shirt…

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Hey ya’ll! (I like to say ya’ll even though I’m from Buffalo. Sorry) 

Glad you made it here. Our first official meeting is going to be Monday 9/15 at 4:30 pm. If you cannot make this meeting, please let us know. We are really excited to get as many people feeling like a part of UB and ALA as possible. 

Speaking of which, seeing as how you are members of ALA now, we want to know what you need out of your student chapter. I’m sure you’ve spent hours surfing through the ALA site and have come up with a lot of comments/questions/concerns regarding librarianship, (… obviously that is sarcasm) how can we address those? We want to know how we can best serve our student population. If you have any ideas or suggestions, we’d like to hear them! If you email us at to tell us your ideas, you will be entered into a drawing for a free UB ala t-shirt, featuring our “Get Shelved.” slogan.

Looking forward to seeing you at the meeting!


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