Buffalo Bookstore Tour Sat. Feb. 21st 3pm

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Recent DLIS graduate Jacinta Penkszyk has arranged to give a tour of
two famed Buffalo bookstores–Talking Leaves and Rust Belt books.
Each of these books is situated in a historic neighborhood, near famed
restaurants as the Towne Restaurant and Nietzsche’s Bar.

The tour begins on Saturday, February 21st at Talking Leaves. A store
owner will give a guided tour of the place and there will be some time
for browsing.

Then head on over to Rust Belt books in the famed Allentown
neighborhood. Another tour will be held and then optional dinner at
the Towne restuarant. Many local bars, such as Nietzsche’s and Allen
St Hardware are close to Rust Belt. A musical act will be performing
at Nietzsche’s, a great way to get in on the local music scene.

This tour is great for those new to Buffalo and others who want to
catch places they’ve heard about but never been to.

It is being promoted by LIS GSA but not funded. Please contact ubstudentala@gmail.com with any questions.

–Ellie Jones, Direktor of Fun


One thought on “Buffalo Bookstore Tour Sat. Feb. 21st 3pm

    Jacinta Penkszyk said:
    February 28, 2009 at 5:14 pm

    The bookstore tour went well. We actually had about five people including me. Though I wish that Ellie would have spelled my last name correctly when she first sent out this announcement. It’s actually Penkszyk, and so there is no extra S. I’ve had both of my names mispelled and mispronounced for the majority of my life and so I’m happy when people actually get them right. The owners of Talking Leaves and Rust Belt Books were happy that we stopped and they all made us feel welcome. Talking Leaves’ pet dog Violet was really happy that we all stopped by and she really loved the attention. At Talking Leaves and Rust Belt Books the owners all talked to us about the history of their bookstores and the neighborhoods that they established them in. They really deliver the kind of first class customer service that you would expect from any Mom and Pop store.

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