Librarians To Take Over Niagara Falls, Possibly Canada

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The 2009 New York Library Association Conference will be held locally this year–it’s in Niagara Falls from October 14-17. It’ll be a great opportunity to network, see some of your professors, co-workers, and even fellow students and alumni present on a variety of topics, and, of course, pick up some library-related swag. Early registration is pretty cheap, and remember that as a student you are eligible for funding from both LIS-GSA and big-brother (UB-wide) GSA. You can also join NYLA and ALA at a discounted price–check out the tab at the top of this page for more info.

UB-people presenting include (apologies to anyone I forgot!): Valerie Nesset, Jim Tammaro, Bridget Schumacher, Stacy Person and Andrea Tillinghast-Thompson. If that’s not enough, the guys from Unshelved will be there, and so will upstate’s own Joyce Carol Oates.

You can download the program, learn more, and register at the link above. There is also a Facebook group floating around out there. And if you do want to visit the homeland of Tim Hortons while you’re at the conference, remember you now need to bring a passport or enhanced license. Have fun!

ETA: Since a lot of UB students will probably be going to NYLA, the student groups (ALA, GSA, SLAB) will probably be planning a group meet-up or something like that. Stay tuned to the various blogs, websites, listserves, and general scuttlebutt for more info.


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