Other ways to help out WNYCPC

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In addition to helping with the book drive, there are many ways the UB community can get involved to help out the library at Western NY Children’s Psychiatric Center. Here’s a list to get you started–keep in mind that any of these activities would be a big help for CPC AND would look great on a resume. If you are interested in tackling any of these projects, or have more ideas, or would like to visit CPC on ALA’s next trip to West Seneca on November 9, please email ubstudentala [at] gmail [dot] com. Thanks for all your help–keep up the great work!

  • Catalog materials (mainly copy cataloging using Access Pennsylvania records)
  • Organize and re-alphabetize all sections
  • Tag YA books with stickers and reinforcement tape
  • Create a professional-looking brochure that can be distributed to community and other institutions when applying for grants and donations
  • Create themed displays along with signage and booklists
  • Compile booklists such as “If you like this, try this” and genre lists based on the collection
  • Assist with researching and writing grants or looking into local organizations that might host a bookfair or purchase books and materials for the CPC
  • Create a PowerPoint presentation on how to use SMARTboard technology in the classroom
  • Develop library-centered activities and programming that can be implemented at the CPC

Some of these things can be done offsite, but please note that if you go to the CPC to do any activities you will be required to fill out a small amount of paperwork and a confidentiality agreement. If you decide to come back or will be working directly with the students, you will then have to undergo an extensive background check and orientation training.

For SLMS students, time spent at CPC can sometimes be counted toward your Field Experience hours–check with your advisor. Also, some of the background check paperwork you fill out is mandatory paperwork that you will need to have on file with the state to work as an SLMS anyway–you can get it on file through CPC.


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