End-of-the-Semester Wrap-Up and Election Results

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Well, we made it. Congratulations on surviving and thriving another semester, fellow UB DLISians! Kudos to those who are graduating this semester, and good luck to everyone who’ll be back to do it all again in the spring.

Elections for Spring 2010 officers were held at the December 1 meeting (Minutes) and here are the results:

  • Webmaster: Jaqui McLaughlin
  • Treasurer: Aimee Levesque
  • Secretary: Jessica Casamassa
  • Vice President: Charlie (Jenny) Kelly
  • President: Elaine Dean

Congrats to all the new officers! We look forward to your benevolent reign 🙂

And in case anyone was wondering, here’s a wrap-up of the shenanigans we got up to over the course of the Fall 2009 semester. Thanks everyone for getting involved in student life here at UB! And if you’re reading this and haven’t gotten involved yet, look what you missed out on! Come play, we don’t bite, mostly 🙂 (And we definitely aren’t sparkly vampires.)

  • Made smores at the Fall Picnic in Rochester
  • Had a blast running the Linda Yalem 5K Run
  • Supplied the UB community with books and sugar at the Fall Bake Sale (the proceeds of which purchased a computer desk, magazine subscriptions, and books for WNYCPC)
  • Exercised our collection development and budgeting muscles at the Clearfield Library Book Sale
  • Talked librarianship and feasted on baked brie at the Wine & Cheese Soiree in Buffalo
  • Crammed for a cataloging final at the Wine & Cheese Soiree in Rochester
  • Held a drive that resulted in book donations to WNYCPC (12 boxes), the Grant St. Community Center (1 box), and the UB Childcare Center (3 boxes)
  • Obtained a $100 purchasing grant for WNYCPC to use at the UB Bookstore (Thanks, UB Bookstore!)

Stay tuned to this blog and the UB-MLS-L listserve for info on when the first ALA meeting of the Spring 2010 semester will be.

Happy holidays and best wishes for a very happy new year from everyone at UB Student ALA!


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