Hire Me!: Finding an Academic Library Job

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Are you looking for a job?
Confused about cover letters and resumes?
Need interviewing tips?
Baffled by tenure requirements?

Come to the Hire Me! Workshop offered by UB ALA and learn how to get the job you want!

UB ALA is offering the Hire Me!: Finding an Academic Library Job Workshop to LIS students!

Presented by Michelle Zafron and Dean Hendrix, this workshop will be offered on Saturday, May 1st from 12pm-4pm at the Health Sciences Library in Abbott Hall on the UB South Campus.


Taught by academic librarians with extensive experience on both sides of the interview table, this workshop comprehensively details techniques that will make searches for academic employment focused, professional and successful. Through lecture, role playing, a 100-page workbook and hands-on exercises, attendees will learn about personal background histories, job announcement analysis, resume development, effective cover letter writing and interview preparation. Special emphasis on the employers’ perspective, timeline and legal concerns will provide attendees a holistic view of the anatomy of a job search.

By the end of the course, participants will be able to:

* compile personal background histories
* analyze job announcements
* develop effective resumes
* write effective cover letters
* understand the importance of selecting references
* understand the anatomy and timeline of a job search
* prepare efficiently for interviews
* communicate with employers

This workshop is funded by UB ALA and will give students the opportunity to improve their job application skills. While including some information specific to finding jobs in academic libraries, this presentation is relevant for most other types of library jobs as well.

We are requiring advance registration for this workshop, so if you would like to attend please email ehdean at buffalo dot edu to sign up for this workshop by April 24, 2010.

Students who attend will receive a copy of the Hire Me! Manual and should bring along their job history information (resume, CV, etc.) for personal reference during the workshop.

The Hire Me! Manual is Creative Commons licensed and a link is available from our Resumés, Cover Letters and Interviewing page for those who are unable to attend the workshop.


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