Month: September 2014

TONIGHT @ 9pm – Online Hangout with the ALA’s NMRT/SASCO

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Join us tonight at 9pm for an online hangout with ALA’s New Member Round Table President, Megan Hodge!
The goals of NMRT and the SASCO (Student and Chapter Outreach Committee) is to help LIS students learn about scholarships, activities and awards as well as encourage networking among people in the library community.
This is a great opportunity for you to see what ALA membership can offer as well as to provide you with valuable network connections for when you are out looking for positions within the LIS community.
To learn more and to access the live stream, go to
For those who can’t attend live, continue to check back with the website for the recording.

Copyright and the Academic Library: A Bridge between Administration and Faculty

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By: Jodi Oaks

At the beginning of this summer I was freshly married, back from my honeymoon, and excited to get to work at my recently landed summer job.  Throughout the year I work as a library support assistant at Milne Library at SUNY Oneonta.  Toward the end of the spring semester I secured an additional position in the Bibliographic Services Department at Milne Library.  During the summer I was invited by the Library Director to join a small, informal work group discussing copyright and the role of the library.  This group eventually developed into an across-campus work group with the complicated task of handling the topic of copyright compliance on the SUNY Oneonta campus.

Originally, our small group was formed under the discretion of the Library Director, and included just members of the library.  Over the past year, SUNY Oneonta has worked to switch the learning management system used by faculty, updating from ANGEL to Blackboard education software.  With this shift came a focus on faculty copyright compliance.  This was a result of concern over whether faculty members were regarding copyright laws in the migration of their teaching materials from ANGEL to Blackboard.  Therefore, members of administration looked to inform all on copyright law and how it applied to our campus community, and desired a way to diplomatically communicate with faculty about copyright compliance.  The administration turned to the library to help them with this project.  Consequently, our small copyright group grew into an across-campus work group, including members from all over the campus community.

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Legion of Librarians – Part One

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Welcome to the first installment of Legion of Librarians. Every month, MLS student Glen Benedict will be interviewing library professionals about their use of graphic novels in collection development, education, and other programs. This week, Glen is speaking with Michael Lavin, the Business/Management Librarian at UB. In addition to serving as the selector for Business and liaison to the School of Management, Mr. Lavin is also the selector for materials for the Lockwood Library’s graphic novels collection.

Glen Benedict: What is the selection process like for graphic novels at an academic library, such as UB?

Michael Lavin: Well, it’s a pretty small budget, so I can only buy about 60 titles a year. [laughs] So that’s very difficult to make those kind of choices. The idea behind the collection is two-fold. The primary purpose of it is to support – as everything here in an academic library – to support the curriculum and research at the university. A secondary use of the collection is, of course, recreational, which is probably its heaviest use. So, in terms of what to buy, I buy things that faculty and instructors request and need for their courses. Beyond that, I try to buy a balanced collection. I look at award-winning books and the annual recommended lists that show up in the library journals, and try to get some selection of those. I try to have a balance of materials: a balance of different publishers, different genres. Science-fiction, supernatural, action-adventure, realistic, and that kind of thing. But, you know, with only being able to buy 60, it’s kind of hit-or-miss. You do the best you can.

GB: You mentioned faculty requests. Have there been any requests you didn’t expect? Either a department you didn’t expect or a work that you didn’t expect?

ML: Not so much. What’s being taught is the standard works, the ones that are up there in the pantheon…

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Meeting this Thursday

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There will be a meeting this Thursday, September 11th at 6pm in 543 Baldy. It will be a joint meeting for all the LIS student groups so even if you aren’t yet a part of the our organization, come join the fun!

Some of the topics this week:

  •    Banned Books Week
  •    Conference dates for the NYLA & ALA Conferences
  •    Changes to the website
  •    Fall Fundraiser
  •    Status of live streaming the meetings to distance students
  •    The upcoming Happy Hour brought to our good friends at the LIS-GSA! 

*Meetings will be posted within 48 hours of the meeting and can be located under the Meeting Minutes tab on the right side of the page.