Month: November 2014

Libraries as Safe Havens

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In the most recent edition of American Libraries Direct, which is the ALA’s magazine, there was a great article about one of the roles that libraries play that often goes unnoticed, the role of the safe haven.

Libraries are great places for people who are seeking a safe space. During the civil unrest plaguing Ferguson, Missourri, the Ferguson Public Library has been providing a safe haven for teens seeking a respite from the chaos outside. Art teacher Carrie Price and library director Scott Bonner aimed to provided students who wanted one, an education. By the end of the first week, they were servicing over 200 kids and several adults and providing a valuble service to their community.

Read more about the inspiring work done at the Ferguson Public Library in the link to the article below and remember that it isn’t only about providing patrons with materials. As librarians, it is also about observing the needs of the community and meeting them.

Ferguson’s Safe Haven by Tim Inklebarger